The long wait for the new Survival server is nearing an end!

I have a lot of ambitious plans for the new Survival world that I hope will make for a fun and unique experience. However, I am not really sure how well these changes will fit and work together. What seems like a good idea to me now might turn out to not be very fun in practice, and once we release the server there will be no going back. For this reason, I have decided to have several Beta Test Events to try out some of these ideas and get feedback from you guys.

Beta Test Event Format

I plan on having several events before the release of the server to test the various planned features. Each test will last about a week and have a testing focus with an objective for players to try to complete. Rewards will be given out to players for participating in the testing and for completing the testing objective.

I am still deciding on rewards to give out, but they will likely include things like loot boxes and unique titles. Loot boxes can be claimed on the Skyblock server or on the Survival server once the final version is released.

Beta Test Event #1

The first beta event will start this Friday, March 31st and will end on Sunday, April 9th. This gives you roughly one week to test things and complete the objective. After that, the server will be taken offline until the next beta event.

You are one of many explorers chosen to be part of an expedition traveling to a recently discovered world to claim its riches. However, something goes wrong when warping and you discover you are alone and have been separated from the rest of the expedition without any supplies. Your scanners have picked up a massive energy source far off in the distance. After gathering the resources you need to survive you can make a choice: journey to the source of the energy and discover what it is, or make your own path in this new world. Beware though, this strange energy has an effect on the world and all of the creatures in it, so the journey will not be easy.

Main Objective: Travel to the center of the new survival world.

Focus of Testing

The following is basic information on the various unique aspects of the server. I am looking for feedback on each of these aspects after testing:

- There are new custom biomes to explore with unique structures and secrets to discover.
- Each player starts in a random location on the edge of a huge world (15,000 x 15,000).
- Due to the effects of the strange energy, monsters behave differently than you may be used to, so be on your guard. Also, they become stronger (more health and damage) as you approach the energy source (center of the world).
- You can teleport to other players (/tpa, /tpahere), but this only works far away from the energy source due to the interference it causes. So if you and a friend start at around the same time, you can both teleport to one another and travel together (distance >13,000 from the center). However, if you are too close to the center (<13,000) you will be unable to teleport. (This may be overcome later with perks but perks will not be part of initial testing).
- Custom weapons, armor, items will make combat different and hopefully more robust/interesting.
- A party system will be available for testing.

How to participate

When the beta event becomes active, players can access the beta server using the /beta command until the event is over.

In addition, a new beta forum section will be open to allow you to discuss aspects of the new server and anything related to the beta.