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Reworking Permissions

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Good news everyone!

I have wiped all permissions on the temporary survival server and am building a new set from scratch. I am doing this to make permissions more efficient, which will hopefully make it easier to manage, and to clear out the old unused permissions.

As part of this I will be completely restructuring groups and creating three permanent rank "tracks" that players can be a part of: Membership, Rank, and Staff. Note that a track is just a linear list of groups and can be used to easily promote and demote players.

This next part is mainly so I have something to look back on and keep my thoughts in order, but anyone that can see this post is welcome to comment or make suggestions.


The Membership track includes default, member, member plus, and patron.

Default is what people will start as when they join the server. Players will have most of the perms that they need to play on the server at this rank, but will be missing on cosmetic and quality of life stuff.

Member is granted for registering on the website. This will open up additional things like being able to change titles and will basically be equivalent to what member+ is on the current server.

Member Plus contains any player that has contributed in some way to the server beyond that of an average player. Donors and staff members will be automatically promoted to this group. It can also be given to players for winning contests, being top voter, or other things like creating a build that is being used by the server. There will be additional perks and titles that come with being Member+ (beyond what current member+ provides).

Patrons will be those that have an active subscription to the server. I still need to work out the details, but the idea is that an item will be sold in the website store and consuming this item in game will provide the player with 1 month of premium membership. The item can be traded in game so that non-playing players have the means to attain Patron status. After the month is over, players will be reverted to Member Plus group again until more membership time is attained.

My goal when designing the membership ranks is to have them contain mostly cosmetic features, or features that benefit the entire server. I want to be 100% EULA compliant without any pay to win aspects.


The ranks track will be a set of ranks that players unlock in-game. Players will earn rank exp for things that they do on the server, which allows players to rank up. I still need to decide on rank names, but the idea is to have a lot of them and add new ones over time. Each rank will grant a title and special perks in game.

Some servers may have a server specific track of ranks as well, like if we do another prison server in the future.


I am going to merge staff ranks back into what we had before with only Helper, Moderator, and Admin as the main staff ranks, while adding an Adjunct rank (I wanted a fancy name).

Adjuncts are those that have special permissions but are not quite staff members. This group will include build team members, beta testers for new servers, or anyone that is highly trusted to occasionally help out testing things. Permissions may change as needed and many of the members may be temporary.

Helpers will be the entry level of staff members. They will be focused on interacting with the community, moderating chat, and helping with minor problems.

Moderators will be the next level of staff and will be focused on fixing more complex problems that require special permissions.

Admins will be the top level of staff with full access to most things. Only the most dedicated of staff will become Admins.

Final notes

One final thing that I want to bring up is that these tracks are all independent of each other. So being an Admin doesn't automatically grant you the benefits of being a Patron, and Patrons won't automatically have access to perks from the ranks that you earn by playing. All staff members will have

I am also working on a system to toggle on/off staff mode so that staff abilities do not interfere with gameplay.

As always, these are just ideas and nothing is set in stone yet.
Posted Jan 16, 18 · OP
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I will just add my 2 cents, i coded /bpon and /bpoff, mainly what it does is it change your main group to add _offduty
So if someone is in admin their parent group will go from admin to admin_offduty.

I want that for moderator, admin and owner.

moderator_offduty, admin_offduty and owner_offduty could get permission from helpers so even if they are in the offduty group, they would still be able to mute/kick/ban players.

But if they need to go into creative, they would need to run /bpon

the default group would always be the member/member+/patrons
while parent would be the staffy group.

I added the developer role for Brian_Entei, because i wanted him to do only developments things and don't have to do community duties, but if you don't want that rank, i will just move him to admin position.
Posted Apr 8, 19
Here is what I had in mind for the updated permission structure.

Membership Track: This is the default track for all players. Everyone will be in one of these groups

1. Default(member): Players will start here and have all necessary permissions to play
2. Memberplus: Players that meet our memberplus requirements (sign up on website, purchase something in shop, vote, or whatever we decide). They get fancy extra stuff.
3. Premium: Players that have an active premium membership. Will be demoted to memberplus if their membership becomes inactive.

Server Tracks: Each server will have its own track with ranks. Players will be assigned to the first rank for that track when they first log into that server and can move up in the ranks using /rankup. The ranks will provide titles and other perks that players have earned for playing on that server.

Staff Track: The various staff permission levels. This track is based on trust, not on role. My reasoning is that a fully trusted staff member can be given access to all commands, and they will have them available if needed, but are not forced to use them if they don't want to take on that role.

1. Trainee: Minimal permissions for new staff members.
2. Fullstaff: Trusted staff members with access to most in-game server tools.
3. Seniorstaff: Staff members trusted with full in-game permissions and out of game tools like ftp and config editing.

Staff Status Track: This track allows us to turn staff permissions on/off for players.

1. on-duty: The default staff status, where they have access to all commands
2. off-duty: All gameplay altering permissions are disabled, but can still access server management stuff like /mute, /ban

I don't think we need to have an extra group for each offduty staff group, we can just have the one with a high priority and negate all possible staff permissions. For your plugin you would just need to run the following:

/bpon:/lp user demote staffstatus
/bpoff:/lp user promote staffstatus

In fact, I think this could be done with CMI (create a custom alias) to help consolidate things, but we can keep it as part of your plugin.

Finally, we would have independent groups (not on a track) for the various staff roles (helper, moderator, admin, developer, owner). These roles are only for display purposes and just let everyone know how a staff member contributes to the server. We can have as many roles as needed. Here's what I had in mind for the "focus" of each role. The idea is that your role should be what you are focused on, but you are free to help out in other areas if you would like.

Helper:Focused on chat and community related stuff.
Moderator: Focused on fixing problems (usually involving players).
Admin: Focused on keeping the server running or fixing server-wide problems.
Developer: Making and fixing plugins.
Owner: Nothing at all and taking credit for all the hard work of the other roles.

Unlike in the past, all of these roles would be considered equal in-game. They just have different focuses, so an Admin wouldn't be considered above a Helper.
Posted Apr 8, 19 · OP · Last edited Apr 8, 19 by Talabrek
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