Here are my plans for the new permanent Skyblock server. It's a long post, but as with most other posts I do this to help me gather my ideas together and also give you guys a chance to see my current ideas and provide feedback. Please give feedback! Particularly if you see something that you think is a bad idea and won't work. I have shared some of my plan before, but I will try to include everything I have come up with before here in this post.

My Vision

My main focus this time around is to make sure that the server feels more alive. I plan on accomplishing this by giving players more freedom in choosing where they first start, and having a system that allows players to move their islands. There will be a map/grid system (using inventory GUI) that shows where other players are so that it will be easy to move near friends or active islands.

On top of that, I want to take the best parts of our previous maps and combine them with new elements to make a fun and unique experience for players.

New Concepts
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Phase 2: Main Map
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Phase 3: End Game
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